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All it takes is one visit and you’ll be hooked! Once you’ve been exposed to what Grand Manan has to offer you’ll be blown away. I know the feeling, I too am not originally from Grand Manan, but have made it my home and I’m surrounded by amazing locals that are now an integral part of my family.

Grand Manan Island has been somewhat hidden to most, until recent years and still you wouldn’t feel the attention once here on our sandy shores. Voted third “most Desirable Island in the world”, by Readers Digest, behind two famous tropical island destinations, it shocked us all, that finally the rest of the world had awoken to what locals and avid Grand Manan new comers already knew…..this island is SENSATIONAL!

Whether it be Right Whales, historic lighthouses, historic accommodation or just the best, freshest Lobsters you can get your hands on, Grand Manan has what you are looking for in an unspoiled maritime island destination just 1 1/2 hours from the mainland. We can actually see the coast of Maine, USA .

Birdwatchers are amazed at the well over 300 species of birds found in such a concentrated area, making spotting these little beauties a breeze. With the neighbouring island, White Head Island, being a particular hot spot, and only a short ride away on the new White Head Ferry, and it’s free! Fundy Bay Real Estate Group, Grand Manan, also services White Head Island, which has been a popular choice for many.

The new Grand Manan ferry, aptly named the “Grand Manan Adventure” has opened up the access that was needed to make Grand Manan a “convenient island” for anyone coming from out of province or the U.S.

The ferry is your friend and is what I like to think of, as therapy, to help you realize that you are headed to that serene and secluded other world, or life, that you retreat to, for that break you’ve worked your whole life for, and it’s here! It really is possible, and the best part of all is that it’s unbelievably affordable! Compare it to other popular destinations and it’s an easy choice and an obvious one, to the lucky who have visited.

Dan Webster & Fundy Bay Real Estate Group
– the longest currently serving names in Grand Manan Real Estate

With 15 years of Real Estate sales and negotiating experience, I entered the Real Estate profession at the age of 18, through my families Real Estate business in my home town of Adelaide, Australia. I now live happily in the village of Castalia, here on Grand Manan, with the lady of my dreams (an original Grand Mananer) & my 8 year old daughter, who is also a true Grand Mananer (with Aussie heritage) .

Fundy Bay Real Estate Group has a network of agents covering the local Charlotte County area, along with cutting edge internet technology, which allows us to distribute properties and information to virtually anywhere around the globe, so we have all the proven tools required to satisfy your Real Estate aspirations, whether it be purchasing, selling, renting or managing Grand Manan Island property, WE CAN ASSIST YOU & GET RESULTS!

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